Genvid Entertainment Announces DC Heroes United

DC Heroes United puts the audience in charge of an entire DC Universe featuring iconic characters including Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

Today at San Diego Comic Con, Genvid Entertainment announced DC Heroes United, an interactive streaming series, licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on behalf of DC, where fans will determine what kinds of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains our beloved characters will become. Fans determine how Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman work together and whether they succeed or fail – leading up to the very formation of the Justice League. The entire canonical story of DC Heroes United is up to the participating audience to decide. And the outcomes of their choices will be forever imprinted in DC canon.

When the story of Earth-212 begins, our favorite Super Heroes and Super-Villains remain in the shadows, largely unknown to one another and mostly serving as legend and rumor to civilians. The appearance of the magical Tower of Fate in Gotham City thrusts these fledgling heroes into the spotlight – together and in opposition.

As DC Heroes United unfolds, the audience will make choices of morality, leadership and sacrifice on behalf of its leads. Viewers will decide whether The Dark Knight and Man of Steel work well together, whether they trust one another, and how much. How Batman responds to Wonder Woman and Superman fighting crime in Gotham City. Whether Lex Luthor gives into his darker desires. And ultimately, who fights for good, evil, or themselves, and why.

A story whose decisions become immutable DC multiverse canon, DC Heroes United will feature a plethora of DC Comic Super Heroes and Super-Villains beyond the Trinity. Genvid also teamed up with the renowned artist Terry Dodson to bring this epic origin story to life.

Genvid will reveal more details ahead of the series launch. Fans can stay up-to-date on details by following Genvid on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and by signing up for email updates at

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