DC Heroes United at New York Comic-Con

Earlier this year at San Diego Comic-Con, Genvid Entertainment and DC were proud to announce the forthcoming interactive series, DC Heroes United, where fans will determine what kinds of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains some of the most beloved characters in comic book history will become.

Fans learned that they would have the chance to decide how Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman work together and whether they succeed or fail – leading up to the formation of the Justice League. They were also excited to find out that the entire canonical story of DC Heroes United is up to the audiences and the outcomes of their choices would be forever imprinted in DC canon.

With that exciting news came one constant question among fans… Who would be trusted to write this story?

The answer had DC fans rejoicing at New York Comic-Con as it was revealed that a who’s who of award-winning comic and entertainment writers, creators, and producers would be helming the ship.

  • Gail Simone  – best known for her work in comics on DC’s “Birds of Prey”, “Batgirl”, Dynamite Entertainment’s “Red Sonja”, and being the longest-running female writer on “Wonder Woman”.
  • Brian Buccellato – a #1 New York Times best-selling writer best known for his work on DC’s “The Flash,” “Injustice: Gods Among Us” and the new crossover event “Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong”.
  • Joshua Hale Fialkov – a comic book and television writer best known for comics books “The Bunker”, “Tumor”, “The Ultimates” and “I, Vampire” as well as animated projects including “Young Justice” and “Afro Samurai: Resurrection”.
  • Randy Ma – the Interactive Creative Director for DC and has worked on projects including “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League”, “Gotham Knights”, “MultiVersus” and more.
  • Stephan Bugaj – the Chief Creative Officer of Genvid Entertainment. Stephan was Studio Creative Director at Telltale Games including A Wolf Among Us and Technical Director at Pixar for twelve years where he worked on The Incredibles and more.

The pedigree of the creatives behind DC Heroes United is sure to have any fan of superheroes celebrating not just because they know these characters so well and how to tell good stories with them, but because they also truly care about the experience the fans will have.

“It feels like a chance to let the audience not just interact, but become a part of the story”, shared Joshua Hale Fialkov.

Adding to that, Brian Buccellato emphasized how important the audience is to him, “The audience is everything. As a creator, you honor them by making the best version you can. We feel there is a big bar to reach and we want to get there.”

If you’re a comic book fan though, then you know no matter how much a writer cares about the characters and their stories, there will be times when you may not necessarily agree with a storyline or character direction. And if you’re anything like Genvid CEO, Jacob Navok, you’ve probably debated these very topics, “For nearly a century, DC fans like me have debated what hero would win in a fight, what hero was right, or how they would lead the Justice League.”

Luckily, in this new interactive series, your opinion actually matters on what happens in the story.

“Fans of superheroes all have opinions. Very strong opinions. And this really is a chance where you can get in there and make your voice and your opinion heard on what direction you want this to go”, shared Gail Simone.

Adding to this, Gail also raised an interesting thought that only time will be able to tell, “Personally, I am interested in seeing if people have a community idea globally of these characters.”

Her only request, “Please don’t kill Wonder Woman.”

The excitement is just getting started on DC Heroes United with many more reveals to come.

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